How to Make a Table Topper Quilt for a Friend
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Table topper quilts are a cozy and welcoming decor item for your dining room, but they mean even more when they’re a homemade gift from a friend. Not only will it bring a soft and delicate look to your dining room decor, but it will bring a smile to your face every day.

There’s nothing better you can do for your dearest friends than to make them something that will fill their heart with joy, and there are so many free table topper quilt patterns to choose from that you won’t have any trouble finding something that represents your friendship.

Monkey Blues

This monkey blues pattern is a fun and clever twist on the traditional friendship star design, and perhaps it resembles your lifelong best friend and the fun you’ve had together. Blue is calming, bringing peace to a restful dining table.

The Double Monkey Wrench blocks are made with reproduction prints and are easy to make with any level of quilting experience. Each block is a six-inch square set on point, creating a thirty-inch square finished piece. It makes a charming table topper quilt. You can complete this stress-free pattern in your spare time.

The name of this table topper quilt pattern says it all. Bring a little monkeying around into your friend’s home and make them smile and remember you when they display it proudly on their table. It’s a great way to remind them that you’re never too old to have fun.

Pinwheel Path Table Topper

The pinwheel path table topper quilt pattern is a sweet, childlike design, symbolizing your friendship’s foundation blossoming into something strong and unbreakable. The florals are dainty and elegant. Your friend can use this table topper quilt on a reading table among all of their other adornments to remind them of you.

The autumn colors give any reading nook a cozy feel, so curling up with a good book feels better than ever. It also looks great on a night table in their guest room so when you come to stay, you can see how proud they are of your gift.

The childish design of the pinwheel will bring back memories of your childhood together playing outside and remind your friend of how much you care. With a joyful and playful air, the pinwheel path table topper pattern is the perfect gift.

Table Runner Quilt Patterns

These free table runner quilt patterns give you an endless array of design options for all of your friends. From seasonal designs to themes, you’ll find something for everyone. Bright and cheerful summer blooms make a fun table topper quilt, illuminated by the summer sun streaming in the windows.

Fish designs make a perfect table topper quilt for your friend’s kid table. A placemat table topper quilt makes an excellent backdrop for your friend’s pet dishes. Gifting a blue basket topper is the best way to invite your best friend for a long-overdue picnic.

At varying skill levels, there is a table runner quilt pattern for everyone. Don’t be afraid to gift a table topper quilt. Find something that you can do easily in your spare time or challenge yourself with something more complicated to show your friend how much you care.

Bring joy to your friend with the perfect table topper quilt. Search Free Patterns for all kinds of shapes, sizes, and designs. You’re bound to find something you can make that your friend will love, and you can even make yourself a matching one for a domestic take on the friendship bracelets you wore in grade school.

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