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Download plastic canvas magnet patterns featuring animals and other designs for kids!

Kids love animals. Kids love plastic canvas. And what child hasn't played with the magnets on the refrigerator door? Here at, you can download free plastic canvas patterns to make magnets featuring designs kids will love. You'll find animal plastic canvas patterns and other fun motifs. Download a magnet pattern to make a plastic canvas farm animal like a cat, dog, pig or barn owl. Or you can make a magnet out of a plastic canvas zoo animal pattern -- a kangaroo, panda, lion, camel or zebra. You can even make a plastic canvas Canada goose magnet. Just choose the free plastic canvas pattern and download today!

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Animal Magnetism #10 - Katie Kangaroo
Animal Magnetism #11: Oliver Owl
Animal Magnetism #12: Kitty Cat
Animal Magnetism #13: Petunia Piglet
Animal Magnetism #14: Sam Sheltie
Animal Magnetism #16: Ping-a-Ling Panda
Animal Magnetism #38: Lucy Lion
Animal Magnetism #42: Camellia Camel
Animal Magnetism #43: Cory Cardinal
Animal Magnetism #44: Zelda Zebra
Animal Magnetism #45: Gilda Goose
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