Kids Corner – Patterns You’ll Enjoy and They’ll Love
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Whether you’re sending your kids off to school in this cold winter weather or brainstorming about cute, homemade gifts, Free Patterns has you covered. Look no further than some of our favorite items for kids.

There are patterns for every skill level, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll be able to create something fun for your child. You’ll enjoy working on these, and your kids will love the result.

Bam Bam Bath Set

Is there anything better than wrapping your child up in something soft and warm after bath time and spending some time cuddling and reading books? This bam bam bath set features a thick robe and matching slippers – perfect for cuddling after a bath!

Customize the set by making it in your child’s favorite color. This soft and warm set is the perfect way to spend your evenings together. You could even make a matching set for you, and your child will love it even more.

Teddy’s Close Knit Family

Making clothes for your child’s teddy bear has never been easier. This set includes a shirt and a scarf that you can knit quickly with a bulky weight yarn. Adorn bear chest sizes of ten, fourteen, and twenty-four inches.

Make a matching sweater and scarf for your child out of her favorite color to make it more personal. Your child will enjoy dressing up in matching outfits and playing house or tea party with her bear every day.

Snow Bunny Cardigan

Work up this snow bunny cardigan quickly and easily with a bulky or super bulky yard. In your child’s favorite color, she will be warm and stylish. She’ll feel like a ballerina or a professional ice skater when she shows it off.

It even doubles as an elegant shrug for holiday parties or formal events. The hood keeps her extra warm, and it’s soft and comfortable for those cold winter nights from the car into the store or house.

Dotted Square Pullover

This brightly colored sweater will look great on any school-aged child. The whimsical pattern is entertaining and making it in your child’s favorite colors will add to the fun. They’ll love wearing this to school and showing it off to their friends.

Make this sweater in a size big enough that your child can wear it over a collared shirt to dress it up a bit and keep him even warmer in the winter time.

Cuddly Chicky

It’s no secret that kids love animals. If your child has a fascination with farm animals, this cuddly chicky is the cutest. This easy quilting pattern makes a great DIY gift. The yo-yo belly can be made out of any fun fabric that your child will love.

The swinging feet allow for fun playtimes or entertainment for babies. Prop the chicken up on a shelf or hang it over a crib and watch your child bat at the feet and laugh. This is a fun twist on the traditional stuffed animals that kids love.

Rainbow Bike Basket

It may be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for warmer weather now! This rainbow bike basket is precious for any little girl. The bright colors and flower motif ensure that she’ll ride around in style all summer long.

Change the colors to camouflage or add a star in place of the flower and you very quickly have a basket for a boy. He’ll be the envy of the neighborhood with his masculine bike basket that holds all of his toy bows and arrows.

Bring a smile to your little one’s face with any of these patterns made especially for them. You’ll get a kick out of seeing their eyes light up when they play with it or wear it, and they’ll cherish it even more because it came from you.

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