How to Crochet Roly-Poly Characters for the Holiday Season
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Fall is already here. The holidays will soon be upon us. As unprepared as you may feel, the holidays rapidly approaching, which means you’ll soon be digging out trees, ornaments, and other decorations in preparation for the most wonderful time of the year.

There’s nothing like holly jolly characters to fill your house with joy during the holidays, and these roly-poly cuties take the cake. They’re cheerful, playful, and fun. These sweeties will look quite festive amongst all of your other holiday decorations in any room.

These characters, comprised of Santa Claus, a snowman, and an angel will lift your spirits this season while giving you something fun to make for yourself, decorate for a holiday party, or give to your friends as gifts. They’re easy to make and are sure to add endless cheer to your holidays.

Getting Started

Using #4 worsted-weight yarn, work each design in a round from the bottom of the character’s body, using the color of your choice, although the obvious colors make the most sense. The angel can be any color you like, but blue or purple would provide a nice contrast with the red of Santa Claus and the white of the snowman.

Simple chain stitches will take care of attaching arms, scarves, wings, and other accessories to each character. You can make each one unique by switching up the color or position of each accessory to match the holiday decor in each room of your house.

Fill your finished characters with polyester fiberfill and embellish them with the ribbons and buttons of your choice to personalize them for you or the intended recipient. The finished size is eight inches tall and a heart full of adorable.

Where They Belong

These guys look cute on the kitchen counter, on the mantle, on an end table, or hanging on the tree. They’re small and lightweight enough to stand or hang anywhere. They also make perfect gifts. Personalize each with custom embroidery letters, a best friend’s favorite colors, or to match your mother-in-law’s holiday theme.

Better yet, throw them in a Christmas gift basket for a thoughtful collection of holiday goodies. It’s the perfect way to spread holiday cheer to those you love.

No matter how you choose to celebrate the holidays, celebrate with the holiday characters everyone knows and loves. These roly-poly characters’ bellies will make you jolly this season every time you look at them. If you’re looking for a unique, meaningful, affordable gift, put some effort into personalizing them for someone you love.

Even if you plan to make them for yourself, you’ll find they’re so fun and easy that you won’t want to stop. You’ll need one for every room and every friend. Get your holidays started early this year by downloading the free pattern now and making a few new crochet friends.

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