4 Free Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns
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When you were a child, did you have a special baby blanket that you always kept by your side? And if you did, was it a blanket that was handmade for you? We find that baby blankets that are carefully crafted with love for a new bundle of joy have so much more sentimental value than those that are bought in stores. A homemade blanket is the physical manifestation of the love of a parent, grandparent, other loved one or friend, and it can be personalized with specific colors and patterns that have special meaning.

Whether you have a little one on the way and want to create something special just for them or have a family member or friend who is expecting, nothing says “I love you” like a homemade crochet baby blanket. It makes a great gift and is an excellent project for someone who is new to crocheting because there are many easy crochet patterns available. Not only will your heart be full when you first see the little one wrapped in the blanket you crocheted with your own hands, but you’ll also gain confidence to do more crochet projects as your skills grow.

We love to see people who still enjoy making things by hand and share their talents and efforts with those they love most. Something as simple as a blanket can turn into a cherished memento that a child saves well into adulthood and provides them with happy memories of a childhood filled with love. Because of this, we’re dedicated to providing crafters and DIYers with a wide selection of free baby blanket crochet patterns to inspire them. To really get your creative juices flowing, here are four of our favorite patterns that we think you’ll love too!

We’re kicking our list off with an easy and fun design that any baby or child will love! The Teddy Bear Blanket Buddy is the perfect unique project that combines a stuffed animal with a classic blanket. Adding an adorable teddy bear head and paws to this simple blanket pattern creates a dream-worthy blanket. Why buy a stuffed animal or a blanket when this easy pattern will show you how to create the perfect combination of both?

The next pattern on the list is also a classic look, but labeled at the intermediate level, it may be more challenging! This Baby Pocket Blanket pattern is the perfect gift to give to expectant parents or to make for your own little one. It features a beautiful and colorful border that can be customized for any nursery design. This charming baby afghan would be a special gift with its adorable and timeless design. The use of light-weight yarn makes this a heavier baby blanket that any parent will love.

If you’re looking for crochet patterns for baby blankets with a bit more of a unique style, you’ll love this Baby Spring Bouquet Afghan. It features 3-D flowers that pop off the background color and dainty scalloped edges that are perfect for a baby girl. And the best part is you can choose whichever colors you like best to make the flowers pop and ensure they match the nursery. This pattern is designed to be made with super fine yarn, so it’s comfortable for wrapping up the baby but pretty enough to be used as decoration over the side of a crib or on the back of a rocking chair.

You can’t beat baby afghan crochet patterns that create a big enough blanket to keep little ones warm even as they start growing up. And this extra-large Youth Afghan definitely fits that bill! At 3 feet wide and 5 feet tall, this blanket will be perfect for snuggling with well into childhood. And the simple pattern is a blank canvas, making it perfect for little boys or girls. Plus, it would make a great decoration in a nursery when not being used for baby snuggles.

Whether you’re a newbie at crocheting or a seasoned crochet expert, we know that you’ll love to make (and give) handmade baby blankets. A baby blanket is a special gift for a special time in someone’s life. And because we have so many free baby blanket crochet patterns to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the one that’s perfect for you.

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