Holey Moley! Creative Uses for Hole Punches in Card Making, By Kimber McGray
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Card Making Tips & Techniques: Find uses for hole punches, some of the most basic crafting tools, to create one-of-a-kind card designs that really pack a punch!

uses for hole punches

Hole Punch for Card Making

As enthusiastic paper crafters, we are always on the lookout for the newest, latest-and-greatest tools and supplies. Despite the constant influx of new products into the market, there are tools and supplies that remain my go-to items, even though they aren’t the latest-and-greatest. For me, hole punches fall into this category. My hole punches are like old friends. They are always there for me and serve many functions — and they hold up for years. A standard hole punch may seem like a simple, single-function tool, but let’s stop for a moment to consider the many uses for hole punches.

With a basic hole punch, you can create a fluttering trail of a butterfly, linear borders and decorative backgrounds. The punch can lend itself in more functional ways as well. Try running ribbon through a row of punched holes, or use your punch to create notches on the side of your paper to help keep a length of ribbon in its place.

There are a few simple tips that might help you become more successful in finding creative uses for hole punches in your card projects. Before taking the punch to your paper, grab a pencil and draw your pattern or line to help you stay on track when punching. If you are going for the linear look, also mark the increments so the punched holes are not only straight but also equally spaced. Play with different sizes of hole punches to add interest and variety to your projects. The  standard 3/16-inch punch is going to  be your go-to size for most projects,  but don’t forget other punches you have in your collection.

The next thing to consider when discovering uses for hole punches is working with a separate, smaller piece of paper and then adding it to your card front. Most hole punches only have about a 1-inch reach, so if you want a hole in the middle of your card you are going to need to figure out the logistics of it before proceeding. Yes, there are great tools on the market that will allow you to easily punch all the way to the middle of your project, but if you plan ahead a bit you can achieve a similar look without any fancy tools.

Finally, once you’ve created your holey masterpiece, you’ll want the holes to stand out as much as possible. If you layer your punched paper over a contrasting paper, the design will stand out beautifully. Light papers layered over dark, and vice versa, will lend to beautiful, finished projects.

With your trusty old hole punch as your crafting companion, there’s simply no end to the creative fun you can have as you find uses for hole punches in your card making projects!

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