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Easter Décor Crafts

Nothing says Easter like homemade bunnies and dyed eggs. Check out these décor craft patterns that will make your home feel bright and festive. Decorate eggs for Easter that will last this season with our Deco-Eggers made from durable plastic to hang from an egg tree or pile in a basket. Turn a regular lampshade into a Lampshade Bunny that kids will love!

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Along the Bunny Trail
Annika's Basket
Box o' Bunnies
Easter Wreath
Funny Bunny
In the Easter Parade
Lampshade Bunny
Over Easy

Easter Gifts Crafts

Let the Easter bunny leave something a little more unique than a store bought basket. Make Annika's Basket made from soft felt and perfect for younger kids or try a Box of Bunnies for a more durable gift.

Free Easter Craft Patterns and More Resources

Our free Easter Crafts are easy and fun to make! Create your own now for free. Download these free patterns and more by signing up for a free account with You'll gain access to thousands of free patterns for beading, sewing, knitting, quilting, and other crafts.

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